Even as professionals, we sometimes need "sizzle" to make us stand out among the crowd. Or maybe you are an agency, company or freelancer looking to create something for a client- or yourself. NO matter WHO you are and WHAT you do, if it is in visual media, animations are where it´s at right now. So, I decided to make available these stunning animations to ANY of you who want to create that same "sizzle" for your logo, website, or video. And thus, the birth of Rocky Mountain Media Animations on Facebook. So, grab a coffee, tea or whatever your pleasure, sit back and take a look at each one of these stunning animations. And now, there are nearly 200 different and unique animations to choose from! If you have questions about or are interested in a certain animation - PLEASE - make a note of the animation title, or just copy/paste the animation link to us in a MESSAGE along with your query for more info and your quote. We are not tracking comments on that page, only messages. And if you LIKE what you see, then please LIKE our page :) Oh yeah- one more thing... Why not include an awesome MontysVoice-over with your new animation! (Can't blame us for trying eh? ;-) Be sure to visit the  "M PROJECTS" page to see more

Rocky Mountain Media animations!​

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