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"Highly experienced, professional, flexible. Managed projects to time-line and budget despite us being late. Great communication. Not to mention his expertise and professionalism. His adaptability to work outside the box to deliver fantastic results is evident in the outputs of his work." - Truska Angel  / Prindiville Lamborghini

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​"Easiest Audio job I have had yet...did everything wonderfully the very first take!" - Katie Wagner / Agora Financial

“ M Lewis is by far the best VO Artist I have ever worked with. He's excellent both as an artist and in coordinating a group of voice talents. Hire him- you will not regret it. ” - Paolo Conti

Eh, been called one all my life ;-)


“ Once again - great work. This time I was under huge impression especially after listening to one recording about mysterious things where M Lewis read it in such a spooky way that I could feel a tingling... ” - Piotr Dziurzanski / 4Future.PL

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“ M Lewis was incredible to work with. He completed our project above and beyond with professionalism, creativity and timeliness! I would highly recommend him for your project! I was 200% satisfied with his work... ” - Westar


A 5 minute exercise in chillin ;-)


"M Lewis was a pleasure to work with.  We still use the work created by him from more than two years ago which shows the level of thought and detail that he puts into his work. Even new or small businesses would find him extremely affordable - I strongly recommend that you begin a conversation with him." - Philip John / Magnum

Transatlantic/Midatlantic DRY
Neutral English Similar to British


There are times when a client prefers that British sound, but not as thick or strong like many localized dialects. Here are a few examples of English neutral, sometimes referred to as Transatlantic/Midatlantic.